Thursday, September 22, 2011


Andrew has always been a great car traveler. Now, he's ready for a passport! We aren't on our way out of the country just yet, but this little guy has completed his first plane ride, to Chicago, AND his first road trips to Michigan, Iowa and Indiana! In three months he has seen more of this US of A than a lot of folks experience in a lifetime. Another highlight was our family visit to the Indiana State House in Indianapolis. For Anthony and me, it was our 17th state Capitol building, but, of course, it was Drew's first!

Add to all that, while away on his first vacation Drew surprised us by rolling onto his right side, then a couple days later his left. He topped those off by lifting himself forward from a seated reclining position on my lap to sitting upright with very little assistance! As the elders say, this boy is making room... That remains to be seen! Ha

Anywho, family and friends doted on our son and just loved him up as we spent nearly three weeks away from home. When Daddy joined us in Chicago, Drew could not have been happier! It was such a blessing to go, but in the end there truly is no place like home.

It's good to be back!