Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Boys

Not sure whether I mentioned it here or not, but we need a new blog title because in a few short weeks Drew is going to become a big brother to Luke Austin!

Seems like the past several months have flown by. Around the end of August, prayerfully we'll be bringing home our second gift from God. With each passing day, Drew seems to notice more Mama's growing tummy.

This is a peek at our little Luke. a few weeks ago. Now, he's growing fast and is already measuring a week and a half ahead of our expected due date. I also added one of me and Drew on my first official Mother's Day.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Big Boy

Drew celebrated his First Birthday with lots of fun, family and friends! The Saturday before, we had a party at the Beach Club and on his birthday, Memorial Day, we had BBQ, cupcakes and ice cream! Drew was the consummate host and though sleepy he partied til the end! =)