Tuesday, March 15, 2011

28 weeks

Baby S is now 28 weeks old and in 11 weeks and three days (or less) will debut for all those waiting patiently and excitedly for his or her arrival. It's virtually impossible to describe the level of enthusiasm felt at this point in the pregnancy journey.

Right now Baby S is nearing three pounds and is between 12-15 inches in length. According to all the "experts," eyes are opening and closing, breathing is being practiced and dreams are swirling around in our baby's head. Wonder what a baby so young could possibly have on their mind. LOL

As for Mama, she's on the hunt for a dress and gaining weight, as evidenced in the photo below. Five pounds within two weeks so far and another 10 pounds is expected to find their way to me before our little one is born.

Exciting times, exciting times! 

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