Thursday, May 5, 2011

Comfy in there

Today was our 36 week ultrasound and Baby S was in the same comfortable position. Though there has been a lot of shifting in the tummy since our last peek, he or she has not 'flipped' and is still resting peacefully on the left side, curled up with the head well above mommy's belly button.

There are greater risks when moms go into labor and baby is breech, so with about 30 days to go, the doctor went ahead and scheduled a c-section to ensure that we'll have a surgical suite just in case the baby doesn't turn before we reach the 39 week mark. So, we have a tentative birth date for Baby S - May 28. We shall see.

Other than that, everything is going very well. We could see that Daddy's high, sculpted cheekbones are one trait that has already been passed down. Can't wait to kiss on those chubby cheeks! Also, the baby's heart beat today was at 130 and the weight was 5.97 pounds. So, looks like when our Blessed Little One arrives we'll be holding at least 6 pounds of total cuteness!

God is SO good!

See! Doesn't it look all comfy, cozy in there? This is one of my favorite pics taken by a super sweet friend and talented photographer, Shelli Couch. Check out the rest of her creative works on her website.


  1. I love that picture Tricia. You have a cutest tummy. No stretch marks. lol! I pray that you have a blessed delivery. I had a c-section too. It's pretty quick and a much safer controlled route.

  2. Hey Angela! Thank you for the belly bump love! :-) I just KNEW I was gonna get stretch marks on my tummy, but so far (36 weeks in) I don't have any. Praying it'll stay that way. A friend of mine recently gave birth via c/s, too. She said she wouldn't do it any other way. I've heard pros and cons. We'll see what happens in the next two weeks.