Friday, April 29, 2011

Turning Tables

Lots of material has been published on pregnancy. I'm reading some of it and motivated by one of my books, I planned a final, pre-baby girl's night out.

However, after arriving at the restaurant of choice - Grimaldi's at Watters Creek - I soon realized my girlfriends had turned the tables! They had planned a surprise birthday dinner. Since my big day is just two weeks before Baby Scruggs' anticipated debut, they figured they'd take this opportunity to celebrate with me.

It was awesome. In addition to the balloons, candles, and a delicious, over-the-top assortment of minis from Nothing Bundt Cake, the girls had reached out to a bunch of family and friends, including them in the surprise.

Each person was asked to share why they love me. The girls took those sweet sentiments - all 40 of them - and created a huge, laminated birthday card! I could barely read for tears.
It was SUCH a special evening. Never have I been that surprised in advance of my big day.

Soon, Anthony and I will welcome our Blessed Little One and as we wind down these next 30-something days, I feel completely and utterly loved by my family and friends.

Thank you, Lord. I AM grateful!


  1. LOL. Ok, Lena. My friend sent them via Snapfish, so I need to ask her to send me jpg's. Will try to get one up soon. :-D