Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm your huckleberry!

You know the term cry baby? Well, I'm beginning to think it applies more to me than to my son! Today was my final post delivery doctor's visit and though Drew was well fed, dry, and sleepy, he would NOT go to sleep. Instead, he treated the ladies in the waiting room (and the folks in the hallway) to a melody of cries so loud you would have thought he was wet and hungry.

Coupled with the extended wait time, I became a bit emotional - darn post-delivery hormones - and proceeded to cry in front a of a total stranger who then tried her best to console me. She told me that everyone understood and what better place for him to cry than at the doctor's office! She also told me that once, when her daughter was an infant, some many year ago, she cried from take off to landing in Colorado. Wow! Mind you, Drew and I will take our first plane ride in just a few short weeks.

Anyway, by then the lovely and always cheerful lady who takes your payment and schedules follow-ups had returned to her desk and proceeded to give me the biggest and MUCH needed hug, assuring me that what I felt was normal for a first time mom. She even prayed over me in the process! The Lord knows just what we need, when we need it. I'm so grateful for that rainbow in the midst of my personal storm.

On top of that, you know how babies smile right before they toot, making you think they were smiling at you but they really just have gas? Well, Drew does that often but not today! After the earlier meltdown, he treated Mama to 15-20 minutes of smiles and baby chatter! This was the first of many 'real' smiles and conversation with my miracle manchild. Needless to say, that made everything ALL better... for Mama! LOL


  1. Hugs, I think they are getting to the more awake stage now, we have periods of up to 3 hours where he just wont sleep!

    Love the smiles and chatting too- isnt it gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for the hugs, Joyce! Three hours of no sleep. Wow! He is alert! Drew won't go more than 60-90 minutes without sleeping, but his long sleeps have become more like 30-60 minute naps. :-)