Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AP classes

Drew is gonna be an advanced placement student, I just know it. Of course, this speculation was prompted by all the new stuff this little guy has done this week. For starters, he is now apparently ticklish under the arm. I was cleaning his chubby baby folds and he was just laughing out loud. Second, he now bounces up and down when standing on my lap. Third, he discovered a new sound on his playmat by kicking his feet. You could see his brain at work, connecting the dots: move feet = crinkle noise. Drew also has become more aware of our mini poodle, Zuzu. He follows her moves. Later that day, during bath time, I leaned him forward to wash his back and he grabbed the sides of his tub with both hands. I moved mine away and voila! He sat upright all by himself! Lastly, he has made the connection between seeing something, wanting to touch it, and purposefully reaching for it. See, my baby is ready for prime time. :)


  1. Thanks, Joyce. I always say that, but I'm sure folks think I'm biased. LOL