Monday, October 24, 2011

Peas on the floor

Andrew began eating cereal a couple weeks ago and has advanced to sweet potatoes, squash (he loved) and now peas. Half of his peas and cereal found its way to the floor this morning. Our first real mess. :) I'd clean up after him anytime. He's so cute! Other advances include rolling over, sticking out his tongue and loving his Jumperoo. He's also trying to sit up on his own. It's just a matter of time before he's crawling. This post will be short on words, but long on pics. Enjoy! Oh, please disregard his outfits. These days, most of them are either soaked with drool or stained with food. Joy.

His new favorite trick! He can barely eat because he's constantly sticking out his tongue.

This is just a dreamy pic. Love those big, brown eyes!

Taking a break from the Cowboys v. Rams game for a photo opp. Look at that smile!

Last, but not least, check out this video of him rolling over. He had been doing this for about 10-15 minutes before I finally capture it on camera. So, he was pretty tired. Just as I reached to help, he helped himself! You'll see at the end, he stretches out as if to say, whew! I'm tired! :) So proud of my Sugar Bear.


  1. Initially, I love love looved the "Michael Jordan" impersonation. Then he wooed me with the dreamy eyes, theeeen I was tickled Pink with the super duper smile. But the absolute best, was that hard working roll over. I was tired for you my Drewski. Keep going strong Heavy Duty Cutie cause before you know it turning over will be easy breezy!