Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Drew turned 5 months on Friday. Woot, woot. He has experienced a ton of 'firsts' within the past week. Along with his voice changing, he has discovered his feet and mommy's hands. He will play with my fingers until he falls asleep. Too funny. He also rolled over onto his tummy by turning onto his right side. All of his prior rolls have been toward the left. Within minutes of his new direction, he rolled toward his left, or was it his right, and then landed on his back. He's never been able to roll from tummy to back. To top his record, he proceeded to roll over two or three times, ending up far from his playmat. All of this happened as we were talking to my father on Skype. I think he was showing off. In other news: peas and pears. He loves 'em both, though he is still quite fond of cereal. Our little guy should be crawling by Thanksgiving. Seems like just yesterday he was being introduced to the world.

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  1. A vegetable man!!! WHOO HOO!!!! Get your roll on, Drew!!