Monday, December 13, 2010

15 going on 16

It's been a while and I've been told more than once that we need to update the blog. Things are moving along very well. Baby S is now 15 weeks and according to the "experts" is moving around, wiggling and has grown to the size of an orange. Imagine that! I had hoped to post a new ultrasound pic, but we did not have a sonogram at our last doctor's visit. We will, however, have one next week for sure!

Morning sickness subsided and now mama is just dealing with some sporadic, mostly once a day nausea (rather than all day), fatigue and a very stuffy nose. I've read that all the progesterone surging through my body can cause a lot of congestion and other sinus issues. So, comes with the territory. I was feeling well enough to look around Buy Buy Baby and Lone Start Baby on Sunday afternoon. At the latter, we found this crib and chair. We both really liked the crib, Creations Summers Evening Sleigh Crib, but apparently I was the only fan of the Storytime Best Chair upholstered in Shamrock. (sigh)

Oh, one update I can tell everyone! Daddy-to-be would like to wait until the big day to find out how God has chosen to bless us. I wouldn't mind knowing if Baby S is a girl or boy, for nursery decorating and name selection purposes, but I think it would be absolute fun to wait until she or he gets here! It's one of life's few real surprises! In the meantime, if you get something for Baby, green, yellow, tan, and even orange are great neutral colors! :-)


  1. Cute crib Tricia! Neutral nurseries are really chic. I've seen really pretty white crib bedding lately! Happy planning and congrats!

  2. Thanks, Angela. I do love a neutral, chic nursery. Years ago, I thought I'd be all pink or blue-minded, but I really really want a less intensive palette. LOL

  3. that cot is gorgeous!

    We are going bright primary colours for this one :)