Thursday, December 30, 2010

almost legal.. ;-)

Yesterday we had our third pre-natal visit and still no new ultrasound pics to post. At eight weeks the doc said we'd get one at 13 weeks. At 13 weeks we were told, 'oh no. you'll get one next month and then we'll be able to determine gender, if you want to know.' We don't want to know, but we were SO looking forward to seeing our baby again. Dr. B said we're at the point where (due to mama's age) we need a Level II Sonogram at a perinatal clinic. So, we wait.

On the bright side, Baby S will be 18 weeks on Saturday! Woo hoo! Not to mention, he woke me up on Friday, December 24, Christmas Eve with the first of many 'flutters'. That's what early movement/kicks/jabs feel like. When I text Dad to tell him, he said that baby woke me up because "He was hungry!" LOL

Well, since then I've felt the baby almost every day. Tuesday was a very relaxed day for me, so the baby was up and at 'em. According to many books/resources, in the early stages you feel the baby move most when you're still. So, that day he was kicking up a storm. :-)

Despite not getting to see him, we are SO thankful for the happy kicks and jabs and Anthony can't wait until those movements can be felt with his hand. I can't wait either. It's amazing!

Thank you, Lord. You are so good to us!

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  1. That's wonderful Tricia. What a beautiful Christmas present!