Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the pill

Nevermind the dry, wrinkle-y looking palm, check out the purple pill. It's a CitraNatal Harmony prenatal vitamin gel cap. This is the secret weapon docs (and pharm reps) claim will make our little baby really healthy. I am not into drugs. I abhor taking any type of medicine, although that bout with food poisoning a few weeks ago was an exception. Can we say thank you, Immodium AD?

Anywho, I've not been the best vitamin taker these past 15 weeks, but that's about to change. Even if pharmaceutical companies are making a sinfully good profit, I won't protest by withholding this little horse pill from my munchkin in utero.

So, I am giving you permission to hold me accountable!

Next time you talk to me, go ahead and ask, "Have you taken the purple pill?" I won't mind. Really.


  1. Have you taken your pill lately? LOL! It's hard to remember and until this week, I hadn't really taken it consistently. Now that I'm stuck in bed, its next to my bed and I have to remember to take it.

  2. i have! thanks for asking. :-) i hope your body gets stronger and stronger by the minute! i can't believe how huge these pills can be and wonder with all the medical advancements why they must remain the size of a small submarine. LOL