Friday, April 8, 2011

It's all coming together

That's what my mom said when I sent her pics of the stroller and glider Daddy assembled this week. He was a machine and had long been waiting for the opportunity to put together something! :-) Here's a sneak peek of the glider in the nursery (which we have not even begun to decorate) and the jogging stroller. The latter we received as a shower gift from a dear, generous friend. We're looking forward to trying it out. I read you should walk with your pets and use the empty stroller to help them prepare for baby's arrival. Zuzu and I may do that soon.


  1. you are still way more organised than I am! I have a bassinet and cot...not put together, no pram or car seat, sigh- we will get there!

  2. Both are really nice, Tricia!