Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pregnancy humor

Source: Baby Gaga

From time to time I chat with other pregnant gals online and they share some of the funniest stuff about this journey toward motherhood. Recently a bunch of them contributed to a discussion about ways you know you're nearing the end of expectancy. I'll share a few! Enjoy!

You know you're nearing the end of your pregnancy when...

* You can't remember the last time you saw your feet while standing up.

* You keep knocking things over with your belly.

* Dropping your razor in the shower means you won't finish shaving your legs.

* Your maternity clothes start getting tight.

* Washing dishes requires you stand sideways.

* You grunt every time you have to get up from sitting or laying down.

* Strangers tell you that you won't make it until your due date.

* Putting on socks means breaking a sweat.

I can relate to many, if not all, of these. :-) Some of them made me laugh so hard my tummy hurt. Nice to have a few laughs between heart burn flare ups and drop-kicks from Baby S.

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