Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Blue Bird

Seven and half weeks from now (or less) we'll make a 20-30 minute journey to a neighboring town for a life-changing experience - Labor & Delivery!

The other day I started making a list of things to pack. In addition to a going home outfit for the Blessed Little One, an air mattress for Daddy, and a cache of gadgets that'll help us capture and document baby's arrival, I'm gonna take this!

It's a small gift given to me by my Aunt Hazel. She was a hoot. A long-time educator in the Birmingham school district, she was the kind of person who said whatever came to mind. She held nothing back. We shared May as a birth month.

Aunt Hazel is in heaven now, after a battle with cancer. Despite the diagnosis, she never stopped smoking. That's just how she was, a strong-willed, fiery, courageous, rebellious-but-brilliant woman. I can't think of a better focal point for those hard moments in labor than this sweet, little blue bird.

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